Liberty Scorecard Colorado

250 Bills Introduced in the First Full Week of the 2021 Legislative Session

We knew there would be a lot, but we weren’t expecting a tsunami. Fortunately, we were ready for them.

The Liberty Scorecard Committee read over 250 bills and rated 164 of them over the weekend.

Here are ALL the bills we’re following this week.

A few notable ones:

HB1007: State Apprenticeship Agency
This bill would create a new and unnecessary level of bureaucracy within the Department of Labor that would oversee apprenticeship programs. It’s a solution in search of a problem and a new revenue stream for government. We OPPOSE this bill.

HB1076: Carpooling Service Internet Application Registration
This bill would create more regulations on carpool services (think Uber, Lyft, ski resort shuttles) and it would place limits on what they can charge and how many passengers they can transport. We OPPOSE this bill based on Free Market and Limited Government principles.

HB1088: Annual Audit of Statewide Voter Registration System
The bill requires the state auditor to conduct an annual audit of the statewide voter registration system. The audit must include at least 20% of the active registered voters in each county, validating them against other state records (death certificates, tax returns, etc.). We SUPPORT this bill.