Liberty Scorecard Colorado


Our Scorecard Team reads bills as they are introduced in each chamber. We apply conservative principles (see below), then rate each bill either “support” or “oppose”. The committee meets via weekly conference calls during the legislative session to discuss bills.

If bills have conflicting principles, or our principles don’t apply, we do not rate them.

Once ratings are assigned, we compare our positions with the votes of each legislator to calculate scores. We include final committee votes (to pass or postpone indefinitely) as well as Third Reading votes in each chamber. Scores are updated continuously and posted to the website. We employ a search engine developed by Bill Track 50 to follow the more than 700 bills that are introduced in the Colorado Legislature each year.

Photo: Liberty Scorecard Officers Steve Dorman and Victoria Partridge present 2023 Liberty Warrior Awards to Representatives Stephanie Luck, HD60 and Ken DeGraaf, HD22.

Principles of Liberty Worksheet