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By the Colorado Liberty Republicans

Previously the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado, the Colorado Liberty Republicans is a nonprofit 501c4 organization. Our purpose is to promote and support the ideals of individual rights, free markets and limited government by holding our elected officials accountable to these principles at the state level. We do this by reading and rating bills as they are introduced and voted on in the Colorado State Legislature. We compare our positions with those of each legislator, calculate grades and produce the Colorado Liberty Scorecard.

The Legacy of Liberty Republicans and the Liberty Scorecard


Republican Liberty Caucus is founded. It is the longest-running national Liberty Republican organization with active charters in several states. It is a 527c voluntary grassroots organization funded primarily by membership fees.


Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado is chartered. Earl Bandy is elected State Chairman.

2011 - 2018

Principles of Liberty, founded by political activists Rich and Laurie Bratten, runs a legislative scorecard based on the principles of individual rights, free markets and limited government.


After several years of dormancy, the Colorado Charter of the Republican Liberty Caucus is reorganized and rechartered. Sue Moore is elected State Chairman.


Upon moving to Wyoming, the Brattens issue their final scorecard in May 2018. The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado replicates the methodology used in the POL scorecard and produces the 2019 Liberty Scorecard.


RLCCO subscribes to Bill Track 50, a legislative search engine that allows the Liberty Scorecard team to automate bill tracking and vastly expand the number of bills rated each year.


Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado is renamed Colorado Liberty Republicans and registers as a 501c4. The Liberty Scorecard is renamed the Colorado Liberty Scorecard. It is the most comprehensive legislative scorecard in the state of Colorado, rating upwards of 500 bills per year.

About Us

Colorado Liberty Republicans is a political action organization dedicated to promoting the ideals of individual rights, limited government and free markets by:

    • Speaking to conservative organizations throughout Colorado to make them aware of the Liberty Scorecard and how to use it as a resource to encourage their elected officials to operate within their proper role.
    • Working with other conservative organizations to identify, recruit and support candidates for state and local government who hold to our principles.
    • Monitoring legislative activity to hold elected Republicans accountable to the principles on which they campaigned.



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