Individual Liberty/Personal ResponsibilityHow does this bill protect individual rights that don’t infringe on the rights of others? Does it diminish the role of personal responsibility by imposing government mandates on behavior?
Property RightsDoes this bill protect property ownership? Does it interfere with the use of or income produced by the property?
Free MarketsDoes the bill interfere with voluntary transactions between a buyer and a seller? Does it distort prices via taxes, subsidies, regulations or mandates?
Limited GovernmentDoes the bill expand government’s role outside what is outlined in the Constitution? Does it increase or decrease transparency and accountability?
State vs Fed Balance of PowerDoes the bill protect Colorado from federal overreach?
Fiscal ResponsibilityDoes the bill limit taxes/fees/fines to those required to perform only those government functions provided for in the Constitution?
Equal Protection/Rule of LawDoes the bill create special classes for whom protection or punishment can be be applied? Does it provide all citizens the same due process, regardless of class or profession?