Liberty Scorecard Colorado

Statement of Principles

The primary focus of Colorado Liberty Republicans is the Colorado State Legislature, although CLR also monitors local and county governments, school boards and special districts for adherence to the principles of Individual Rights, Free Markets and Limited Government.

Principles of Liberty

Individual Rights
You should have the freedom to live your life as you choose, as long as it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s rights and freedoms.

Personal Responsibility
Choices have consequences. Government can’t and shouldn’t legislate behavior.

Free Markets
Where there’s a willing buyer and a willing seller, there’s a free market. Government intervention distorts markets and favors one person/business/industry over another.

Property Rights
Government has no authority to interfere with the use of private property.

Limited Government
The proper role of government is to protect individual rights. Government should not grow beyond its proper scope as defined in the Constitution.

State vs. Federal Balance of Power
It is the proper role of state government to exert our 10th Amendment rights when necessary to combat federal overreach.

Fiscal Responsibility
Spending should be limited to those functions specifically defined in the Constitution. Taxes should be imposed to cover only those functions.

Equal Protection/Rule of Law
All citizens are equal. No “classes” should be defined for special treatment or protection.

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