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Liberty Scorecard Team Endorses Effort to Close the Colorado Open Primary

Would you let members of the opposing football team pick your quarterback? Do you think liberal dark money has a place in our Republican Primaries?

In 2016, Colorado voters approved Propositions 107 and 108, which reestablished a presidential primary in Colorado and allowed unaffiliated voters to participate in political party primary elections.

This has been disastrous for the Republican Party, which has seen its party-affiliated voters decrease from 31% to below 26%. We’ve gone from holding a slim majority in the Colorado State Senate to clear minorities in both chambers of the legislature. Not satisfied with their solid majorities, liberal groups have started pouring money into our primary races in order to get liberal Republicans elected to our State Legislature.

Our own Karl Honegger is doing a deep dive on this subject. More to come.

Our friends at have been traveling the state to rally support to close the open primary in Colorado. This will require an overwhelming majority (75%) of State Central Committee members to vote to close our open primaries at their meeting on September 18th. These are party insiders who should have the GOP’s best interests at heart. If you know someone on the State Central Committee, please encourage them to vote to CLOSE the open primaries. 

For more information and to support this effort, go to mycoloradogop.orgThe future of our party depends on it.


Signatures Submitted to put Initiative 25 on the

Ballot.  We OPPOSE this Initiative.

Signatures have been collected for Ballot Initiative 25: Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress (LEAP) Program.  Keep an eye on this one. It will raise taxes on marijuana sales, further exacerbating the black market drug problem and increasing crime in our neighborhoods.

LEAP will purportedly provide tutoring services to the underprivileged in order to narrow the educational gap caused by the COVID pandemic. It excludes the middle class, and homeschoolers will be ineligible. It creates yet another unelected unaccountable “authority” that will determine who gets the funds and which companies can provide tutoring services. Cronyism anyone?

Kim Monson of 560KLZ radio has written some great op-eds on this subject. Take a look, then encourage everyone you know to vote NO on Initiative 25.


2021 Liberty Scorecard Gets Media Attention

We’ve already appeared on 560 KLZ with Kim Monson and John RushThe Chuck and Julie Show and Randy Corporon’s Show on 710 KNUS. If there are any other media outlets that would like to help us get the word out on the 2021 Liberty Scorecard, we’d love to hear from you. While some in the legislature would like to silence us (especially those with low scores), we let the results speak for themselves. We compile the most comprehensive scorecard in the state.

The Liberty Scorecard team rated 385 out of 623 bills.

We’re available to speak to any GOP organization (county or district), Tea Party or conservative group anywhere in the state. 

For more information, contact Sue at Thanks for supporting the Liberty Scorecard