Liberty Scorecard Colorado

Three New Gun Bills Introduced Last Week

HB 1298: Expand Firearm Transfer Background Check. Among other things, this bill will essentially give the CBI unlimited time to process your background check instead of the 3 days they are currently allowed. No need to ban guns when you can just tie up the approval process indefinitely.

HB1299: Office of Gun Violence Prevention. This bill will create a taxpayer-funded propaganda machine that will “educate” us on the dangers of firearms and the best ways to snitch on your neighbors.

SB256: Local Regulation of Firearms. This will create a Gordian knot of regulations that no law-abiding concealed carry permit holder can navigate. If you don’t know when, where or how you can legally carry, you just won’t do it.  Or so the thinking goes.

Find your state legislators HERE and tell them to VOTE NO on SB256, HB1298 and HB1299.

Here is a complete list of bills we’re watching this week.