Liberty Scorecard Colorado

SB283: Cash Fund (In)Solvency

What does our government do when they overspend on a program? Conduct an audit? Rein in expenses? Reduce the scope?

If you’re the Colorado Legislature, you simply try to pass a bill that allows you to tap a different piggybank and write an I.O.U. that says you’ll repay the money at some point. Maybe.

SB283 breaks all the rules of fiscal transparency and responsibility. Cash Funds are created when government wants a new program that is to be funded by things like fees, licenses and (of course) penalties that are specifically tied to that program.

If there are insufficient funds, perhaps the program is mismanaged. In this case, we may never know because our elected officials have decided to paper over the problem.

Good government only happens when there is fiscal transparency.  We OPPOSE SB283.

Find your state legislators HERE and tell them to VOTE NO on SB21-283. We demand transparency in Cash Fund expenditures.

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