Liberty Scorecard Colorado

Beware the Trojan Horse

We SUPPORTED HB21-1104, until they loaded it up with pork. Now we OPPOSE this bill.

This bill started out great. Allow educator license renewals to go from 5 – 7 years. Lighten the load on our teachers. Save the taxpayers $292K and reduce the size of government by 4 full time employees. Terrific. 

Then came amendment J.002 which added $2.9 million to an otherwise good bill. The money would come from the General Fund and go to the office of professional services. This is the same office that was going to be reduced by 4 FTEs. Where is that money going?

We call this a Trojan Horse.

We think our legislature should offer clean bills and stop trying to slip something in where it doesn’t belong. 

Find your state legislators HERE and tell them to VOTE NO on House Bill 1104.

Here is a complete list of bills we’re watching this week.