Liberty Scorecard Colorado

All Aboard!

SB21-238 was introduced this week and our state legislature is about to take us all for a ride.

If passed, the Front Range Passenger Rail District would be created “for the purpose of planning, designing, developing, financing, constructing, operating, and maintaining a passenger rail system and specifying the territory, governing structure, powers, and duties of the district.”

With RTD ridership down precipitously this year, why not add a bunch of empty rail cars to the empty buses and light rail vehicles we already have? And let’s be sure to include citizens of every county that touches the I-25 corridor in The District, so we can spread the tax burden as far and wide as possible? Never mind that the vast majority of those residents will never use the train. Everyone needs to pay their “fair share.”

Look for a lot of pie-in-the-sky economic forecasts telling us how many jobs and businesses will pour into our state if this gets approved. And rest assured that this train system can be built for a very reasonable price.

If you believe any of that, we’ve got a VA hospital we’d like to sell you.

Find your state legislators HERE and tell them to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 238.

Here is a complete list of bills we’re evaluating this week.