Liberty Scorecard Colorado

House Minority Leader Patrick Neville Receives Goldwater Award from Liberty Caucus

Rep. Patrick Neville, HD45

State House Representative and Minority Leader Patrick Neville from House District 45 received the Goldwater Award for achieving the highest score on the 2020 Liberty Scorecard produced by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado. The scorecard is a measure of each legislator’s commitment to the principles of individual rights, free markets and limited government.

Of the 711 bills that were introduced during this year’s truncated legislative session, 449 were included in the RLCCO’s Liberty Scorecard. The libertarian-leaning group reads and rates each bill “support” or “oppose”, then compares their positions with the votes of each legislator to produce the Liberty Scorecard. This year’s scorecard included over 3,000 recorded votes, both committee votes and final votes on the floor of each chamber.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado refers to itself as “the Conscience of the Colorado GOP.” “Our standards are quite high,” says Sue Moore, Chairman of RLCCO. “We don’t pull any punches and we don’t grade on a curve. Earning a high score means you have a thorough understanding of and commitment to Constitutional principles.”

Two other legislators received a grade of “A” in 2020. RLCCO refers to them as Liberty Warriors. They are:

Steve Humphrey, House District 48
Shane Sandridge, House District 14

Legislators who scored “B” on the Liberty Scorecard are Liberty Defenders. They include:

Lori Saine, House District 63
Kim Ransom, House District 44
Perry Buck, House District 49
Dave Williams, House District 15

The Liberty Scorecard is closely modeled after Principles of Liberty, which published a similar scorecard from 2011 – 2018. The last Goldwater Award recipient was State Representative Justin Everett in 2013.

Complete results and more information on methodology can be found at