Liberty Scorecard Colorado

State Senate Candidate Doug Townsend Receives Liberty Caucus Endorsement

Doug Townsend, candidate for Senate District 31, has been endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado. Known for its high standards and commitment to liberty principles, the RLCCO requires candidates to complete an online questionnaire before being considered for an interview with the candidate review committee. “We’re not everyone’s cup of tea,” says Sue Moore, state chairman and organizer of the RLC’s Liberty Scorecard. “Our standards are quite high and a candidate has to demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to our principles of personal freedom, free markets and limited government. Just having an “R” after your name and promising to cut taxes isn’t enough,” she added.

Townsend is a successful businessman with 30 years of experience as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer for large and small businesses in four states, leading and growing these companies through extremely challenging economic times. He is also a former school board president with an understanding of local vs. state control and how that balance affects student outcomes. “A state-mandated curriculum does an injustice to our students, parents and educators. There should be standards, but local control should always prevail. We also need to focus on the individual needs of each student. Those are best addressed through charter schools, vouchers, public schools, homeschool or whatever system serves each child,” said Townsend.

Townsend is running against incumbent Chris Hansen, a Democrat. Hansen is best known for his “green energy” agenda and commitment to dismantling the oil and gas industry in favor of alternative fuels and electric cars. “Chris has demonstrated that he favors ‘feel-good’ legislation over well-paid jobs that support our local schools. His voting record has earned him a solid “F” on the Liberty Scorecard. His scores have been particularly low on limited government and fiscal responsibility issues,” according to Moore. “We applaud Doug Townsend for providing Colorado voters a fiscally responsible alternative to runaway spending and job-killing legislation supported by Chris Hansen. We are proud to endorse Doug Townsend for SD31.”

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