Liberty Scorecard Colorado

Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Grady Nouis for State Legislature

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado has endorsed Grady Nouis for Colorado House District 48 according to Sue Moore, RLC State Chairman and organizer of the Liberty Scorecard. “Our standards are quite high. A candidate has to complete an extensive questionnaire, submit to an interview with the Candidate Review Committee and demonstrate a strong commitment to our principles of individual rights, free markets and limited government. Grady is a rock-solid conservative candidate and we are proud to endorse him.”

Nouis is running in a Republican-leaning district in northern Colorado. The seat is currently held by state representative Steve Humphrey, who received an A rating on last year’s Liberty Scorecard. Endorsed by Humphrey, Nouis gained the coveted “top line” on the primary ballot by winning 100% of the vote at the Weld County Republican Assembly. Tonya Van Beber will also be on the ballot via the paid signature gathering process.

Nouis is a small business owner and the father of two homeschooled children. Van Beber is currently on the Weld County Council and is a former educator. While both claim conservative credentials, Van Beber is a newcomer to the Republican party, having switched affiliations just last year.

Nouis has been a very vocal supporter of TABOR and educational choice; red meat issues for conservatives and positions that aren’t addressed on Van Beber’s campaign website. “I truly believe that parents ought to have options for educating their kids, whether it’s in the form of a voucher system, charter schools, public schools or home schooling,” said Nouis. “Our Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights is the only thing keeping Colorado from becoming fiscally bankrupt like California” he added. “We need to protect TABOR at all costs.”


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