Liberty Scorecard Colorado

Justin Everett Earns Liberty Caucus Endorsement in Race to Reclaim His State House Seat

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado has endorsed former state representative Justin Everett as he challenges Colin Larson, a Republican who currently represents House District 22 in southern Jefferson County.  Everett previously held that seat before his run for state treasurer in 2018. “We endorsed Justin for treasurer in 2018 based on his conservative voting record and commitment to our principles of individual rights, free markets and limited government,” said Sue Moore, RLCCO chairman and organizer of the Liberty Scorecard

“Colin Larson’s voting record earned him an ‘F’ rating in 2019. He is on pace for another failing grade in 2020 and is particularly weak on bills that violate our principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility. For a Republican representing a conservative district, his voting record is particularly concerning,” said Moore.

Everett is a small business owner with an MBA and a law degree. He was raised in the district he is running to represent. Principles of Liberty, on which the Liberty Scorecard is closely modeled, rated Everett an A+ for his conservative voting record. Everett was also the Republican Liberty Caucus’ Goldwater Award recipient in 2013. “With Justin’s voting record and demonstrated commitment to liberty principles, our endorsement of him was a no-brainer,” said Moore. “Our standards are quite high. Justin has shown that he understands the proper role of government. He’s always been a supporter of our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms and he’s a strong proponent of school choice.  We’d like to see him reelected to his old seat.”


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