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Liberty Caucus Endorses Neville, Jensen and Sanchez

   Tim Neville      Christine Jensen      Tony Sanchez
The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado (RLCCO), the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, is endorsing incumbent State Senator Tim Neville in Senate District 16, businesswoman Christine Jensen in Senate District 20 and political activist Tony Sanchez in Senate District 22.

Neville has served in the state Senate for five years and is considered one of its most conservative members.

Jensen, former chairman of the Arvada Chamber of Commerce, owns her own business.  She is a strong advocate for small businesses and a role model for female entrepreneurs.

Sanchez is a former resident of California who has seen first hand how disastrous senseless government intervention affected the once great state. He and his wife Junco created Freedom For Education, a group that advocates for student privacy rights and education options.

“All three of these districts are considered ‘must-wins’ by both major parties. We think it’s great that the three candidates in these races are libertarian-leaning.  If you’re a Constitutional conservative living in one of these districts, you’ve got a solid candidate to vote for,” says Sue Moore, Chair of the RLCCO.

Republicans hold a one seat majority in the state Senate. According to left-leaning organization Colorado Resistance, these seats are critical wins for both major parties.  Voter registration numbers in these districts are split fairly evenly between the 2 major parties and independents.

“Neville, Jensen and Sanchez are fiscal conservatives and civil libertarians. Electing all three will give new energy to the liberty caucus in the Senate going forward. The RLCCO will be encouraging its members and Tea Party allies to get involved in these three campaigns.” according to Chairman Moore.

The Republican Liberty Caucus, also known as the “Conscience of the Republican Party,” was founded in 1991.  It is a political action organization dedicated to promoting the ideals of individual libertylimited government and free market economics within the Republican Party. Colorado Chair Sue Moore is the former chairman of the Denver Republican Party.

For more information on the Senate candidates, please go to or call Sue Moore at 303-349-6185.