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Justin Everett Nabs RLCCO Endorsement in State Treasurer’s Race

Justin Everett
Justin Everett, Candidate for Colorado State Treasurer

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado, the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, has chosen Justin Everett to endorse in the State Treasurer’s race.  “Justin has been a consistent voice for free markets and limited government as a State Representative for the past 5 years.  He was also honored with RLCCO’s Barry Goldwater award in 2013 and has received top grades from Principles of Liberty and the Colorado Union of Taxpayers for his conservative voting record. We’re confident he’ll continue to be a loud and proud voice for fiscal conservatism in his new role as Treasurer” says Sue Moore, Chairman of the RLCCO.

The Republican Liberty Caucus, also known as the “Conscience of the Republican Party,” was founded in 1991.  It is a political action organization dedicated to promoting the ideals of individual libertylimited government and free market economics within the Republican Party in the United States. There are multiple state charters throughout the U.S.

“In reviewing voting records and statements made at various public forums, RLCCO has decided not to endorse in the Governor’s race.  Our standards are quite high and we don’t endorse unless we find a candidate in a race that has consistently upheld our principles.  While we like certain aspects of certain candidates, there wasn’t one that stood out for us and warranted an endorsement,” says Chairman Moore.

RLCCO is in the process of reviewing candidate questionnaires in several other races and will announce results in the near future.  For more information and summaries of the gubernatorial candidates, please go to or call Sue Moore at 303-349-6185.